I remember the last time when Minute Maid Pulpy Orange appeared on my NuffNang ads at www.pagbasa.com My opportunity to earn little by little, not much and not enough but I am very thankful because it is better than nothing.

Now I have different challenge with Minute Maid Pulpy orange juice drink. But today it isn’t a promotion, contest or advertisement. I just want to share my juice drink to my seatmate on board the plane. Previously she gave me a book “The Tibetan Yoga’s of Dream and Sleep” about dreams. I want to give back something by I don’t have any things or token of appreciations. I am glad because I already offered her my Pringles Original Potato Chips as I greet her from moment she sits beside me.

Then the flight stewardess asks me to claim my drink water or juice. I ask for orange rather than mango or water. I received Minute Maid Pulpy Orange. By looking at the bottle, I am not really thirsty, then I think that I should share it. My problem is I was to shy to approach and offer to share my drinks. I feel the tense and suddenly drink 75% of it. My challenge becomes more harder because I will offer a drink almost half empty.

Very challenging, I just smile and stretch my arms to say, “Do you want some drink.” Then she answered “No thank you.”

My challenged simply end like that, but I want you to understand that, what your heart dictates, your action will follows. Be careful of what your heart wish for. Sometimes it is hard and the more it gets harder it is more rewarding in the end. Having good feelings is really worthy to accomplish.

I am glad to meet Ms. Joy Kerry Mertlick. She loves yoga and to travel around the globe. I am to shy to ask her to take photo of us together. All I have is my photographic memory of her.

So it happens during my flight back to Manila around 7:00pm on September 30, 2013. I was also hassle in getting my boarding pass on Jetstar because my booking ticket was book by other credit card. Showing valid ID and photocopy of the credit card is not considered verified. The owner of the card must be physically present on the counter and no transfer of telephone conversation with the teller just to prove the credit card usage.

They require me to pay it in cash or on my own visa card before the flight schedules. The charge from the unverified credit card will be void and refunded. This is a good security check. But I have to withdraw money and pay it on my own. I will them reimburse my expenses.

I am blogging along the flight and I hope for easy challenge when I arrived in Manila. Perhaps the taxi driver is going to be. I am thankful that I am arriving at Terminal 1 where my brother is living on their house 15 minutes walking distance.

I still want to go to Quezon Avenue to buy VG Caps.