When you are sad have a good cry then find a good listener someone who will respect your ability to find your own solutions

Midyear Thanksgiving To God 2016


Happy thanksgiving. I will always be thankful to you my dear God, for it is always nice to see Your chosen one being thankful. I’ve been in trouble and hardship. Pertaining to this year alone, all I can do was to cry and surrender to Your name. Thank You God for giving me a good rest. I know that troubles and hardships are design to test my faith. You are always there to check me out and give me rest when I about to fail. I can always feel your love and support all the time.

When you are sad have a good cry then find a good listener, someone who will respect your ability to find your own solutions.

I am so sorry when I though I’ve failed. I’m so sorry when I felt that I’ve lost Your love. I’m am so sorry when I lost myself and about forget You. Dear God, I often check myself before the end of the day because I love you and I want to make sure that my heart is seeking You. Your love is the greatest and I will love You above all. For all that I had each day, I will always ask forgiveness and give thanks.

Thank You for the time, I don’t know the right time and the perfect moment but I will always thank you as long as I live in time. There was a time that I thought it was impossible to happen, and I did it. I thought I cannot break my one of promise to someone and now it’s broken for it is just a matter of time. Because I know that you can restore anything in Your will and in Your time. Dear God, thank You so much for the time for I will put my Faith and Hope in You all the time.

I’ve learned so much from worship service and I want to live in the way You want us to live. Thank you for guiding my heart at peace, I understand that love is very comfortable in the peaceful heart. Thank you so much for giving me the understanding heart and the feeling of peace and serenity. Thank you for this kind of heart that I hope to share with others. This will reflect your blessing to me for the glory of Your Name.

Thanks for the opportunity and blessings! I always want to go back to school and finished my study. I am really fond of learning and this kind of opportunity knock once again in my life. I don’t have a definite plan how to finish it but I will make a concrete road for my graduation along the way. Going back to school is a perfect diversion for my emotional troubles. It’s good to be back learning. Thank you God for your guidance.

Happy thanksgiving to all.

Thanks for the people that I met and I all the strangers that I will meet along the way. I hope to strengthen their faith and be a good branch to bear fruits. Thank you so much dear God for making my life meaningful. Amen

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happy thanksgiving

When you are sad have a good cry then find a good listener someone who will respect your ability to find your own solutions


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