Happy Thanksgiving. I know it’s too late to post my mid-year thanksgiving note! I want to express how much I love to give thanks. I am glad to stay faithful and loving to my girlfriend and so much more to our Almighty God.

I learn how to keep prayers and talk to You our God with sincere asking, and because of that we humbly obey what is good and righteous. Grant us the strength to continue this good habit and because this make us feel so close to you.

Thank you for my life-partner “Naptalyn” to be with me all the time. She supports me with her loving heart and I hope to give all the love from me in return. Thanks so much for making us together and learn how to make our relationship strong. We’re glad that we are having a happy relationships and understanding heart. We made our first meeting anniversary and thanks to You that we made this far.

Thanks for the blessing that You are giving to us. We manage to survive in this wonderful hardship because we earn wisdom and power to think more good things.

Thanks for the family that I have. For the gathering and bonding that we’ve been. All the feelings and happiness around us, thank you for having here in this kind of family.

Thank you God for I am INC. I want to continue living the path that you show me. I am always wanted to be one of your faithful servant. Thank you.