Happy mid-year thanksgiving 2014. This mid-year was filled with worries, lost and challenge. Worries to face financial crisis, my father past away last January and facing new challenges in life. I must go on and together with God, you and I are not alone.

I appreciate so much for being a member of Church Of Christ. It’s the only treasure that I can bring to God. There is always a reason to give thanks. Having your life is more than enough to give thanks in what ever situations.

Dear God, thank you for having my dad. He passed away and taught me good values in life. I’m so thankful for having a dad who serve as a role model. We still have a loving mom, thank you for making her cheerful and in good health.

I love making friends, thank you for leading us to find good friends. Some of the are not yet a member of the Church Of Christ, thank you for giving us the opportunity to bear fruits, to invite them become one of your chosen one.

I am financially broke dear God and I am more willing to give thanks for giving me strength and wisdom to face my problem. You are the great listener whenever I talk to You in a prayer.

Thank you for all the opportunities. You offer me a blessing that I am responsible to work for rather than nothing. I appreciate it so much for you’re abundant blessing that I can work for.

I know more about my health conditions, thank you God for making me understand what is good for my health. It is a hard adjustment on my diet but I believe that my reason is enough to stay healthy so that I can always visit your dwelling place to glorify your Name.

Thank You for all the blessing that we have. I am happy to witness the 100 years anniversary of Church Of Christ and we continue to praise and gave thanks dear God.