Mid Year Thanksgiving To God 2013


Happy thanksgiving and I am very glad for this year is so good to me. I had less worries and troubles and cannot avoid losing people I love, but still I want to say thanks for having them as part of my life.

I want to give thanks for the blessing and for all the new people I’ve meet. Half of this year was a very good break to me. It is because I use my talent to apply on the things I love to do.

I’m happy going back and forth to Singapore and have a good travel experience in Malaysia too. I’m glad to be here in in Philippines were the foods and my Family is here with me. I am thankful God for giving me a travel experience.

Singapore is one of the place I love doing my projects or making a way of living. I am thankful to have good companion at the office where I am working. Thank you for making my them all friendly and nice to be with.

I appreciate so much the health and strength you gave to my parents. Thanks for the blessing that cover up all the expenses and hope for having our parents stay longer.

Thank you God for I am not able to find girlfriend. I may not be able to give attention to her but please let her know that there is a man like me who’s already been loyal to her even we haven’t meet each other. “May nililigawan ako, sya na siguro yun. Okay lang kung hindi mo muna ako sagutin.“

Thank God for the people who trust my talent and services. They become the instrument to receive your blessing. I am very thankful for having them and I will reflect how grateful my God in performing my obligations to them.

Thank you for the strangers, I believe some of them will be called in your Church. I am thankful for making me friendly; being friendly helps me to invite more souls to become yours brethren in the Church Of Christ. I have more prospects to gather in sharing the Truth. Thank you for making me an instrument.

You bless my business and the people who are close to me. Thank you for continues love and support in every work we have. You are always been our guide and partner. Our success happens because of Your help.

Thank you

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