Mentor vs Adviser


You can learn from both of them but careful from where you get advice. There are differences between mentors and adviser base on their teachings. The adviser is the one can tell you how to do it while the mentor shares to you how he did it. Always keep in mind that both of them can advise good thing but one of them are very successful of doing it.

This can help your learning process boost and gain more experience effectively as you listen to them both. You can identify problems ahead if you foresee the vision from what you learn from them. You get the perception of their experience that you might come along with. All you have to do is to learn.

Its better to be with someone who had been there! Its like having a guide that is regularly climb on the top of the mountain rather than people who just watching.

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  1. lourdes
    lourdes says:

    It's a good idea, so are you a mentor or adviser and if you are how will you apply it by just learning? what the procedure cause in learning there's should be a procedure

  2. Paulo
    Paulo says:

    Hi Dlysen,

    I'm new here in your web site, and I have to say, I totally agree with you here in this post....Learning is part of living, and I think the sooner you open your mind and make a decision to always learn, be it in anything in any field, not only one can grow, but also one can actually get closer in connecting with one's mission....and achieving any challenge in the way.... I have embark in this path of learning and taking action in achieving all of my Grand Dream Goals... taking baby steps in the way...

    Cheers... Paulo

    • dlysen
      dlysen says:

      Hi Paulo,
      You're very much welcome here, taking baby steps is a natural way that everybody can do but sad to say only few tries to go back doing baby steps. Some fails because they think that they are good enough to do things and close their mind to hear the advices of the successful people.
      It's nice to meet you.


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