Mall Vs E-Commerce Website


Trading goods is like selling, it makes the living of the people from the money they earn. How technology of selling goes at this time. From the history people start trading to make money and others for collections. How about these days? It evolves the way how to reach the market, a sari-sari store where only a nearby or people passing by are their market, then somewhat vendor roaming around to sell its products yet still the market is few. Then there is a marketplace where lots of people came because the products they are looking are there. Mall emerges to give more convenient to customer and much attractive.

Now a day’s Mall vs Mall are in competitions to get most of the market. What I want you to notice is that the market of their products competes. From a small sari-sari store that has only few markets, to a marketplace that all people from community can visit to a mall that is much convenient to go.

Where people go today to get something to buy? They buy where the products are cheaper, convenient and save money.

The E-commerce unnoticeably spread worldwide. Its power can market globally through internet. It gives more convenient that you can do it anywhere you can access the internet. If the mall can accommodate visitors locally to sell goods, what more website can do if it is available all over the world? Undoubtedly many millionaires are produced from the internet marketing.

If you where an entrepreneur what is the best thing to have that can be easily start and make money, invest for a mall or e-commerce website.

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