I am optimizing the keywords "make a difference" for a year now and yet my website never appears on the first page of the search engine. These are the list of the website that is always on the first page of Google and Yahoo search engine when I search "make a difference."

Top  website on Search Result Page for Make A Difference keywords.

  1. The Make A Difference Movie - www.makeadifferencemovie.com
  2. Quotes on Making a Difference - quotations.about.com
  3. MAD ~ MAKE A DIFFERENCE - makeadiff.in
  4. Inspirational Movies | Mary Robinson Reynolds - www.makeadifference.com/movies/
  5. How to Make a Difference - howtomakeadifference.net
  6. Make A Difference Day | USA WEEKEND - www.usaweekend.com
  7. Make A Difference Day - makeadifferenceday.com
  8. Make A Difference - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Make_A_Difference
  9. Make a Difference | Care2 Healthy Living - www.care2.com
  10. Inspiring young people to Make a Difference - www.mad-uk.org
  11. Make A Difference Day | Facebook - www.facebook.com/makeadifferenceday
  12. Kids Can Make a Difference - www.kidscanmakeadifference.org

My Page Rank had dropped fro PR4 to PR3 while my others competitors maintain their rank.  As of this today May 16, 2012 you can found my website on the fifth page of Search Engine Result Page google.com and on the seventh page of yahoo Search engine result page. Lucky that my webpage is on the third page of Bing search engine result page. May goal is to achieve higher Page Rank and check the result if my keywords will be on top.

I was never on the tenth 10th page before that is way I am happy to see my webpage on the top 100. I am blogging this because I want to know the result when I achieve PR5 ranking while still using the same keywords. For me it is a good challenge and I make sure that I’ll be having more fun of doing it.

What did you learn?

High Page Rank website can always be find on the first page of Search Engine Result Page.
If you have the same keywords then page ranking will be applied to be listed first on the first page of SERP.

You can make a difference

Creating a fresh content religiously with the keywords you want to optimize will benefits you in the future.