Love survives when you know the best for relationship


If you are going to love someone you must like it first.

It is hard to make love when you don’t like it. The love becomes artificial and may never last longer. Sometimes we don’t see the difference between loves and likes. Like is focus on the things we want and love is acceptance. This is such a very simple formula for longer and lasting relationship.


This happens when the relationship pause or end. What can you feel about this? Have you experienced it already? We want to reconcile, fix or save the relationship as early as possible. In the end understanding why we need breakup is important. When you understand everything it will be easy for you to move on or get back.

Move on and get over.

I’ve been in the situation of saving relationship. Don’t let your like become greater than love or you will bad hurting yourself. The things you like are sometimes will never be yours and it hurts when you know that you can never have it. Love is something that you can accept and understand why; love can save you from bad feelings and emotions to get over.

Love save us from hurts

My breakup with my first girlfriend and to move on is a very hard decision. I like her very much that I wanted her to become my wife and I love her to make her happy. I only find myself chasing her because I like her as I want and later I realize to show how much I love here when I accept to let her go and be happy apart from me. Love hurts when you don’t know how to give and accept.


Ask yourself. Why letting go of someone hurts? You might only like her, it turns you out to become selfish, bring more frustration and pain. This happens when you think only for yourself and never understand why you have to let go. Be careful that your emotion may shift to hate anger and grudge when you don’t get what you want.


It is very easy to let go of someone you really love. There is always a reason for every let go. You can understand and accept it when you know the person you love will be more good and happier. It will surely hurt but you can recover fast because you know it is the best for both of you.

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