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Love and Desire of the Broken Heart


What kind of words you want to hear?
My heart to speak into your ears.
How did it hurt you even more?
When someone leaves out of your door.

Your confuse mind and heart so cold
You want this burden to be told
My love for you will be remain
uncertain love to be sustain

If only I can steal your pain
would I can also feel the same?
When someone precious let you go
had never seen your heart of gold

Life’s goes on, times are moving on
Love and desire of heart unknown.
You need a light, you need a home
is where happiness you can own

I am happy to be with you

Love and Desire of the Broken Heart Poem in the Making

I was stalking to my friend and find the post “Bakit ang Sakit.” I had that feeling too and I wish I can do something about it. I open up chat conversation with her made this poem. My intention was to help and ease her worries, but it didn’t turn good after all.

Here is my opinion: She only sees what she had lose and never open her eyes to see the aid and replacement. She is on the stage of holding on and I want to see how long it will last when she let go.

The poem was made for her

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  1. Steph Traveliztera
    Steph Traveliztera says:

    That's nice of you to write a poem for her.

    Moving on takes time, and sometimes, people want to be alone and mourn their loss. However, they will wake up one day, and will no longer be blinded by what they have lost, and I do hope that she finally sees how much you want to help her once she's ready. =)


    • dlysen
      dlysen says:

      Hi Steph, Thank you for your word of wisdom. Moving-on is process after holding-on. I hope she will be okay soon. Same here!


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