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Why will you make money?

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Where do you send the money?

The system works with PayPal. The sales generated from your link will goes to your PayPal account. Register with PayPal now and start making money online. Visit Paypal.com to register.

How do I link back to you or to the sales page?

A review about link anatomy.

<a> </a> anchor sign or link tag

<a> text link </a> text link is what you see and click

<a href=””> link text </a> the href=” ” is the attribute where you place a link inside the quote.

<a href=”http://buy.dlysen.com/7DollarSecrets/”> link text </a> the “http://buy.dlysen.com/7DollarSecrets/?e=” is the url link of the sales page. There will be more sales page to come.

<a href=”http://buy.dlysen.com/7DollarSecrets/?e=dlysen@yahoo.com”> link text </a> notice the email “dlysen@yahoo.com” added after the link. This will recognize the system that you own the sales page, and what email address you use in PayPal in able to received the payment.

Here is what your link look like: link = url+email


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