In every race! no matter what conditions you're in, when the time starts you better go and move fast. At the end of the race, a goal can be achieved. Everybody may reach the goal but only few get the rewards. Life is like a race that keeps you moving and the people at the starting point will not always be the same person that you will know and met at the finish line. It’s not about how far you can go or how fast you can get there. During the race, the important part is how you get there.

The joy at the finish line is the story you can tell how you did it. Don’t live a life ending your goal a lonely one; make the final lapse to be your victor. If you know that you’re not happy change the way you live so that you will make it at the finish line triumphant. The prize is not what you always get at the end but sometimes you already had the prize from the starting line. In real life it’s just like being born and die. We’ve just pass through life to enjoy and complete your missions.

The starting line

Start on whatever you have now. And learn from every step that you made. Learning is the key to get ahead and for you to guide others. Take action and it will cause an effects and reactions to the things that you want. Think of it and you will get more knowledge about it. Don’t act! Don’t think and nothing will happen. When the time starts you better move or if you act you better think first.

The run

Managing your energy will help you to perform a great run. Feeding your heart with love will make you enjoy the track. Having a good vision in mind will help you anticipate what fortune ahead of you. Stopping and quitting in the middle will end up to nothing. Everybody wants to live a life that they want to be, the same things when you start to run. You better reach the finish line and it’s about how you keep moving.

The Finished line

Life is an art; you make an art to contribute how beautiful world it is to live. You can make history to tell the young the way you pass through life. You run to prepare their path. Your goal at the finished line is just always the beginning for the next generation. If you live a life for others, your tracks and trail will not going to be fade and for every steps you marked in the road, It shows us how you made it through.

We did not cross the finish line for nothing, the track we made will lead others to where we are now and to where we are heading. ~dlysen