Let Go of Fearful Thoughts


What are you afraid of? Check if you are getting benefits from the fear that you have. Take control of your thoughts and manage your fears. Fear is either beneficial or destructive. It is an emotion that you must know to how to use very well.

Fear stops you from doing things. Robert Kiosaki give acronym to FEAR as "false expectation appearing real" and those four words gives you a doubt to do things. When are expecting failure to happen? That paralyze us to take action, because we don’t want to fail. We have to take courage to overcome our fear and that can change our expectations. When your expectation change, you can have something new to believe in, to hope for and to live in. It helps you to take action and overcome fear completely.

You can overcome fear by trying.


I’m sharing the story of how the boy overcomes his fear from kissing. To cut the story short the boy was afraid to kiss his girlfriend for first time. He thought that he might get disappoint or in shame when his girlfriend refuse to kiss back. Fear is always present on your first time and to eliminate that fear you have to try and do something. We are afraid of something we don’t know! The boy kiss her girlfriend and finally her girlfriend kiss back. It was a success and the boy kisses her again and again.

Overcome your fear by Facts and studies.

Dealing with our finance, we are afraid to invest our time and money. A careful study and feasibility are needed to overcome your fear. But we will never know if that investment is good or for us if we don’t try.

Overcome Fear by Faith

The best FEAR that you can have is God Fearing. I do believe on what is written on the bible is TRUE and that eliminate my fear of false expectations appearing real. Blessing and more blessing when you have this kind of Holy Fear.

Fear is never bad at all, it pushes us to learn and be strong. It helps us to be humble and safe. Fear is something you have make you grow.

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  1. Ty Neal
    Ty Neal says:

    If you let fear hold you down you will never really step into success. Fear and worry will bury you into dirt of defeat. you have to learn how to step out on faith and not be worry.

    Great post


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