Learn when to let go and move on.


I remember the story of how to catch monkey in India "the hand of the monkey are stock inside the jar if the monkey will keep holding the things inside the jar, therefore the monkey cannot move fast if the jar is stock at the hand." and this story is very good example how can you move on easily. Another example is the hot air balloon where you have to drop the sand bag to rise. We often times don’t let go of our dreams because we already learn to live and dream with it. Specifically it is our wants in relationship, material things, and everything that we are in love with. Even the situation isn’t comfortable we’re able to attached our self and mindset to feel that it’s okay. We always believed that there isn’t an easy way to move on and it’s true for those people who can’t understand why to let go.

Why you should let go?

  • Because your emotions isn’t good for it
  • Because that thing are pulling you down
  • When things destroys your health
  • When it gives insanity
  • You are not making profit
  • It isn’t value for your time
  • To Move On


Why you should not let go?

  • Because you still believe and someone believes in you.
  • Because you are hoping for something
  • Because you can bear the pain and struggle
  • When there is someone who support you
  • You know the return of investment is good
  • You can enjoy the time with
  • To Carry On


Learning when and why you should let go is important in making a lifetime decisions especially in relationship. It is also important with regards with money and investment. To let go of your job and comfort zone. You may not notice the danger if you are not aware that you should let go or hold on.

Commitment will solidify your belief. This is the reason why people cannot be able to let go. You can stand firm with your commitment but please bare your struggle to move on. Sometimes it can be hard and painful but it is your guts to overcome it.

let go of what you think you know

What is the process of letting go to move on?

Seek closure – this can help you understand more the situations. You have to know where you stand and speak out gently what you feel and intentions. Let your heart do the talking and let your mind observe your feelings. Know that life is just a cycle repeating itself, because you may meet again on the other plane.

Get Weird or have fun– You have to know and enjoy more about yourself. Do something that you may never forget because those things will help you to cover up. Watch movie, and get along with your friends. Keep the faith and completely trust God for He is there to comfort you.

Move on – Make if fast and don’t try to look back. Face and see the brighter future. Tell yourself I love you and I will take care of you. Tell yourself that you may get hurt again but you’ve already learn to love yourself and nothing to worry about.

What did you learn?

  • It is something we cannot learn without experience.
  • Let go of what you think you know

You can make a difference

  • Your commitment will make you stand still and you can move on even on life full of struggles. “sorry but this is not the kind of life I wanted.” You can still make a difference this way. Lol.
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