The law of attraction is always working. Design it!


Ever wonder how law of attraction works. Here is one of my experience. Most often you program it unconsciously and you are not aware of it. I have a habit of reminiscing the past and its connection to the present.

From the past few weeks I used Facebook to publish all the things that I had experience in Singapore. I imagine the taste of the food, the view of Marina Bay Sand, and walking back to University road from where I stayed in Singapore. I involve all my senses as if I was there and remember the food taste, smells, and the price. I looked back on the photos of MBS where I can still feel the dancing light in front of my eyes. I feel so much of it and I want to go back.

On July 2, 2017 Wednesday, My friend asked me to go back in Singapore and send me money enough to buy two-way ticket. The power of this attraction is amazing where you can able make it happen out of no how.

Don’t make any room for doubt.

My ticket is booked and I am ready, but my mind is confuse because the immigration in Singapore is always checking on me. I can’t avoid thinking what happen last December 31, 2013 that I was not allowed to enter. I also don’t have my debit card and extra money because it was lost. I don’t even have an invitation letter and that is very important.

The law of attraction works simple. The strongest attraction and possibilities will be your best result.

I have a good chance of passing through the immigration but I fail to fill-up  the disembarkation form correctly.

I suppose not to check yes at “Have you ever been prohibited from entering Singapore?” they come to attention that I must be check for interview. I thought that question is asking if I had been been previously inadmissible. What it really means is that “have you been committed crime in Singapore.” Now I think that if I did understand the form well I probably pass the immigration without interrogation.

This is how the law of attraction works. If you are really aware and conscious on its process you can design a good future.

What I really attracted is my curiosity to know what is going to happen on this trip to Singapore and I want to know how will I avoid it. I am also glad that I am always allowed to enter Singapore as long as I have a proper documentation and most important! Money.

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