Know When to Bet, When to Hold, and When to Fold


Exercising your brain can develop good analytic thinking. It is the best to practice in making good decisions. Let our mind works and give enough time. Gathering information will make you smart enough because you are making decisions based on facts and possibilities. You have to know when to bet, when to hold, and when to fold.

Know When to Bet

When you are 100 percent sure enough that you can win, then make a deal. Don’t lose the opportunity. You can only get result by trying and it is great to try when you know you can win. I join network marketing company because I know I can have a good income if I work it out.

Know When to Hold

Don’t go if doubt and fear is very strong, try to conquer it first by learning and get more understanding. Don’t let others push you do the things they wanted if you don't know about it. It is better to hang up in the air while you can prepare for a perfect landing. It’s better to hold on first, asked advise and learn.

Know When to Fold

Always think like a winner but consider losing to win again. You cannot win in unhealthy conditions when you are fighting on martial arts. When your strategy is not working anymore, even if that strategy was good in the past years, fold that plan and create a new. The best thing that you can do now is be humble and give thanks.

Timing is very important in life. Use your commonsense to know when to bet, hold, and fold. Making yourself ready is important. That is why you need to know these things before you act. Your timing would be great when you know what you are doing and the result will be good enough as planned.

What did you learn?

  • Exercising your brain can develop good analytic thinking.
  • Don’t lose the opportunity of winning
  • Ask advice on the things that you don’t know and understand it more.
  • Things that are working today will not be able to work in the future. Be innovative.

You can make a difference

Not all people know how to use their commonsense, try to practice logical thinking.

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  1. Herbert
    Herbert says:

    Clever one. yeah I agree on the last part, "Not all people know how to use their commonsense". Most people just rush into making decisions without thinking of the possible outcomes


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