Keep in Mind that Cheaper Is Not Always Better


Practically! Buying cheaper products can afford you more or save money only if the product becomes useful.

When it comes to footwear, I love to buy expensive brand because I had a bad experience on buying cheap brand. To cut the story short, my nail died for wearing cheap and not comfortable shoes. Compare to expensive shoes that is comfortable and good. I helps you at ease and relax.

You can buy a cheap automobile but think if the expense on maintenance is as good as paying for the monthly installment of a brand new car. It will only be good if our expense is less on maintenance and your cheap automobile is always in good conditions.

You can buy web hosting at cheaper price but the downtime is often and not predictable. Then it is better to buy a hosting that can put your site more stable. You might be able to miss a lot of traffic during downtime and it might affect your page search engine optimization.

It is always good to pay the price and get the quality of service that you want. It might be expensive but it can be justify the result and outcome.

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
Tammy Faye Bakker

How about the quotes by Tammy Faye Bakker? Most of the time commonsense is always better. Disposable products are often cheaper, it can only be use for one or two times and it is worth it for emergency and alternative replacement.

What did you learn?

  • Buying involves critical thinking where you have to know if the price of your product is worthy.
  • Commonsense is important too, try to observe and think wise.
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