I’m just starting to write, my mind is full of something to write but I don’t know what topic and where will I start. I it’s hard to start writing when the ideas you have are don't support each other. I have to write about my comic’s collection and a nice photo taken few weeks ago. I started to write on my comics and when I have to take picture of my comics, my focus diverted to the photo last taken from the camera. That photo must edit first to submit as soon as possible. Guest what happen? I’m freeze up. I ended writing this note. It always happens to me but still a break of a fresh breath will make me choose what I will do first.

Often I ended not to finish the first thing I should do. I accomplished things in the end but this habit is really bad not to prioritize the first thing that you started. I notice that you will get more pending jobs and later you will be having an overload jobs to do. This is very tiring part in the end even the jobs comes to be easy to do the time pressure will eat up your energy and your mind will blown up exhausted.

What I want you to know that if happen that you already started a jobs and get jam by other jobs, just take a break and think what you should do first in order of importance. Make a priority to what you are started. It’s ok to take a break it will boost up your energy to make a job well done.

Don’t worry about the comics and the nice photo. Soon it will be job well done next to this.

PS: My DC Comics is already published and my photos are already uploaded to flicker. You can visit that page now.