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I Will Never Lose This Kind Of Feeling


Dear Ex (for this kind of feeling!)

I saw you in mind that you ware happy.
I found you in my heart that you ware sweet.
I can feel in future you'll be ready
We can be together with love so great

It's nice to know you're enjoying the days
I'll be more happy for the price I pay
I want to be with you no matter what
Where ever you are I'll be one step apart.

The love of God and memory of you
I can always feel closer next to you
With the love so warm and tender loving
I will never lose this kind of feeling.

About this poem I Will Never Lose This Kind Of Feeling.

I am just playing my vision that maybe time will come like this. I don't know what will happen sooner or later but now I know what I feel at the moment. I just want that someday that we might be on the same path again. Like I can always see you anytime or waking up hearing your voice or calling my name. I cannot promise you this but I will try not to lose this kind of feeling. Thank you so much for making me feel this way.

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