I miss you... sometimes I am listening to the music or looking at the picture of you, not to remind me of the past but to make me feel like I’m with you. It help me forget the distance between me and you. And make me feel that I’m just embracing you.

Enjoy your wonderful journey wherever you are going and comeback anytime you want, here is your home that is always open whenever you return. Where everybody here are missing you, please come back while we’re still here.

No matter how far you are and no matter how long you’re gone, you will always be within me. I will always picture you in my mind as clear like daylight.

Because I want you to know... our hearts are one that whatever emotion you feel I’ll be part of it.

PS: This video made me cry! I don't know why I insert this video clip on this post, just watch and enjoy.

I wasn't stupid. I knew you had to have a heart to be alive. Whoever gave me that heart had to be dead.