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I had learned to love like that


Hi, I miss you so much! It’s been two years since I don’t have you. You’re the woman who can demonstrate love in many ways without conditions. I had learned to love like that, and that helps me understand and accept whatever the situation it is.

You’re the one who knows how to heal my wound and how to make my tears subside. Your tender hugs help me to feel good and the power of your comfort is giving me so much strength to carry on. I can always remember the feelings. I know that you put love in everything you did and loving you back is a wonderful feeling I can share.

I will always love you Nanay and we’re happy to celebrate your coming birthday this October 17, 2016. We will visit your grave to remember Nanay. Hangang sa libingan hindi mo iniwan si Tatay at magkasama parin kayong humimlay.

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