My first cry was amazing and I believed that I brought joy and happiness to the world especially to my Nanay. I am not conscious and aware (as a new born) but I know now that my happiness was a pure blessing. I am so blessed.

Blessed: I think I had enough

I wanted to discover how happy I was back then; how did I share my happiness with my mom and to others who cares to me so much. Can you imagine the day when you were in your mother’s arms and close to her heart? She protects you from any harm and gave you so much time and attention. I can say it was unconditional love, so pure and so kind. I don’t know how much love I need but I think I had enough.

Sometimes I got pity. I was emotionally hurt and feeling down. I wanted something that I couldn’t have. How much longer should I endure this pain while making myself happy? I asked myself how much longer do I have to cry; is it until tomorrow’s light? I wasn’t afraid to lose this happiness taken away by someone I let go. I cried again and it was amazing. I believe that I still have my heart that can be happy from within. I really missed my mother’s hugs and her caring instinct from where I felt happiness from within. I missed my mom so much.

For anyone who asked me about their tears, fears and burdens, I had shared my thoughts and advice to my other blogs too.[Paano Maka Move On] I am wishing for you to find your happiness from within and remember that you are also blessed with a happy heart.

Happy Mother’s Day Nanay! Thank you for being my inspirations and helping me to have this kind of happy heart. It’s all about the love that you had with us.