How to sell digital products online?


To sell digital products is a nice way to make money online. The inventory will not be out of stock and can be deliver right away by downloading the file. Digital products can be sold online because it contain information’s and useful to the needs of the buyer. These digital products like software’s, Images, Text documents in MS Office format or .pdf format, videos, audio and other downloadable file.

What do you need to sell digital products online?

1. Digital products – Find a good products that you can sell online. Your photos, original articles, can turn into a digital products like .jpeg format for your photos and pdf file for your original articles. There are lots of products that can be re sale after you purchase. If you don’t have your own digital products, you can buy digital products that you can re sale after you purchase. This way you can get your money back.

2. Payment Gateway – There are lots of payment gateway online. If your customer is right beside you then you can get the money from hand to hand, but online is different. Your customer will come from all over the world that you must have a gateway to received payment. You can use paypal and google checkout.

3. You have to have a system that will sell your products 24/7 or all year round. This means that you will have your very own sales agent online that you don’t have to worry about for paying overtime. Sales agent or sales page will work for you even if you have to leave for a vacation. A sales page will manage all the transaction from making your customer buy and deliver your goods online. The sales page has a system make purchase on your paypal, and return your customer where they can download the products.

How create a sales page that will work for you 24/7 or 365 days?

1. You can join an affiliate marketing where you can promote others products. All you have to do is to promote that sales page or the products using your affiliate link. Affiliate links has a tracking code that will recognize a valid sales credit to you. You will provide information where they can send your commissions to you.


2. You can start having your own domain name and hosting services to install a sales page for your digital product. If you are good enough or have programming skills, I recommend having your own sales page. This can able you to control all transaction and manage your products pricing, add your own products and monitor your earnings.

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  1. dlysen
    dlysen says:

    What happen to people, They ignore the things that they think that wont work. Only few give it a try and this is the reasons why you see only few people. No mater how you want others to become successful and believe in them you just get frustrated when you find them not believing.

  2. rochelle
    rochelle says:

    i see that you getting frustrated. As an entrepreneur or businessman, you should understand that out of 100 people that u will talk to, only 10 will give it a try,and only 1 will actually do it. What u r offering is still relatively new to most Filipinos that's why very few will respond at first but given more time,some will actually look for your products and whatever you will offer. I recently joined a company somewhat similar to yours but in an international setting. You may want to check it out
    By d way,what i told u in d early part of this comment, i learned that by attending power meetings from networking and direct selling companies i joined before. I really like attending those talks coz it makes u motivated in whatever you do so i suggest you attend one and you will feel more positive and optimistic.
    More power to you

    • dlysen
      dlysen says:

      Thanks for your concerns, and for giving me a review. You are right did you know that I experience 1 out of 1000 to play a numbers game. It’s nice to meet you here and I love people like you who wants to share their experiences.

  3. DonW
    DonW says:

    The second article point, about having your own website, was good. But you don't need tech skills for that, as you suggest you do. Find a host that offers website builder (point-and-click website creation) and also allows you to sell downloadable files. MadBeeTech at includes a site builder that makes it fast and easy to set up your own site that includes support for fully automated digital download selling. Buyers end up at your PayPal page, so their money goes right into your PayPal account. I've got a website through them to sell PDF eBooks, but you can sell any type of file. Crazy cheap, like 5 bucks a month. Works for me!

  4. Misty Hosier
    Misty Hosier says:

    I would like to know what digital products you can sell? I read somewhere about buying the rights to an item and then reselling it.

    Can you explain where or what to sell in more detail.



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