On the first era of the internet it is mainly use for information sharing. It supplements in promoting and advertising.

Most of us think that only those who have own a website can only make money online. People make money on the internet by selling, promoting and referring to buying customer to a merchant. It’s ok if you are incapable of having a website as of the moment. For some reason you can buy a worth of a website but you’re not capable of buying because of the requirements sending money. To cut the story most of us don’t have a credit card or tools use to buy online.

Let’s now make money online without having a website.
There are a lots of thing you can sell online were they will provide you a referral link to acknowledge your sales. This is what you called the affiliate marketing where you promote a product that gives you a referral bonus after sales. You can use your social media accounts to talk about the things you are selling and give the referral link for your sales.

Register to a Merchant that offers affiliate incentives.
Commission junction
This list can offer you a affiliate link that give incentives ever sales you refer.

Where to put your Affiliate link?
Use your social media networking like facebook, friendster, myspaces, twitter and more to promote your products link. You don’t have to have a personal website to do this. All you have to do is to promote the links you have in your page and let them buy.

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