I got this ._ file name after extracting zip file on directory. In my case it was automatically created after unzipping. Here is how I delete that unwanted files.

On your mac terminal run the command:

dot_clean /Volumes/directory/path

I always wanted to delete this in linux way and you can still perform this on your mac terminal.

Step One: browse on the directory where the ._ file name using the command:

cd /Volume/path

Step Two A: When you are in the directory that you want to delete all the files with name ._, just run the command:

find . -name '._*' -type f -delete

Step Two B: If you want do delete file recursively.

find . -type d | xargs dot_clean -m

find . -type d - will go to each directory recursively and xargs dot_clean -m will perform delete.

That how easy it is to delete ._ files on your mac