How to catch monkey in India?


catch monkey in India

Monkeys are known to be selfish and greedy and this story will let know know why. The monkey can’t let go of the things he holds even if it will change his future.

This is how they catch monkey in India.

They put foods inside the jar and wait for the monkey to grab it and this is the very simple way to catch monkey.

The hand of the monkey will be locked inside the jar when holding the food. Observed that the monkey will never let go off on the things like banana or nuts. We can say that his attitude is so selfish and greedy that the monkey eventually catch with a heavy jar locked in the hand.

Are you a monkey or not?

In other way sometimes it’s hard to let go of a habit repeatedly ends with same result, we never try to escape or accept changes that can make a difference.

We are being comfortable as it is but we deprive the opportunity to change our life.

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  1. taribong
    taribong says:

    Oo nga, 'no. Nagiging monkey din ako minsan, hehehehehe ang letting go o moving on naman kasi ay madaling sabihin, pero ang hirap gawin.
    Ang galing nito, parekoy. Tawagin nating "the parable of the monkey", ayos ba?


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