How much is that chicken?


One day we went from a business trip to meet our leaders to teach them how to leverage their time through others. We show them how rich people use the time of other people to gain more wealth. One example is the fast food chain like Jollibee and McDonald. The owners are not the one you see operating the business but instead the crews, staffs, and manager of the store. They make money out of the efforts of others and the more they are! the more they gain wealth.

Another example is like buying cigarettes. How many are buying cigarettes right now? If 10% of 95 million Filipinos are smoking, how can sell it to them at once or at the same time? Lucio Tan did it. He uses the channel of distribution to multiply himself, from factory to the warehouse, from warehouse to the wholesaler, and from the wholesaler to store or from the vendor where we can buy cigarettes.

They become rich using the Law of Leverage where they can multiply their time and effort through others. The training is good and the people learn something that can change their life if only they find a way to apply the Law of Leverage.

This is not a true story but it shows the reality how to value things that is lost.

After the training, we traveled back and along the road the vehicle accidentally hit the chicken that crosses the street. It’s a hen that lays eggs. When we ask the owner of that chicken, How much is that chicken? The owner pauses and calculates the price of the chicken. He valued so much the hen that only few know how expensive it is. He shows the price and I was shocked to see the amount of that chicken. It’s almost P1,000,000.00 and how could this be. The farmer said, well that hens lays an egg, and some become a hen and lays eggs too. In her tenth generation, that chicken can produce over a million of eggs and I only charge it for only P1.00 and you must be thankful that. Speechless that chicken applied with the law of leverage and the farmer is the mentor.

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  1. superlolo
    superlolo says:

    Salamat sa pag-share na story na ito. Kung 1M ang chicken then ang tao ay magkano kaya? Palagay ko sobrang mahal natin kasi 'we were made in the likeness of God' ang dami nating magagawa...very infinite talaga rin ang ating knowledge & power...& God is our creator & mentor.


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