How do I look from the back?


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Have you ever try to ask somebody to see what do you look from the back? Yes…but how often did you ask for it. Did you know the attitude of self confident is inborn within? Ever since we were a child we really don’t care how do we look from behind. This proved that you are confident. They can look your physical appearance from top to bottom or head over feet but what is inside you is more important and that is yourself confident.

We are not aware of who we are in the eyes of others. They can find us good or bad physically in their own eyes but not our thoughts, experienced or the character you have. I can never guest what is in your mind now unless you share. We need to ask this to know who we are to them, and if you feel good about it you may act the same else you change yourself the way you want them to see you.

If you live your life by somebody else standard, your life is no longer yours.  This quote from BECK Mongolian chop squad.

What make me decide to write this topic?

As I watch the movie “Love Phobia” the girl is asking her uncle "How do I look from the back?" On that part, the girl decided to disappear to the person who love her and hide her feelings as she think that they were not really meant for each other. I think she said it because she feel that even if you hid something to the person you love and loves you, that hidden feelings will show and recognize even if you were from behind, even when you’re gone too long, and even if you lost forever. So how do I look from the back?

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  1. Archie de Lara
    Archie de Lara says:

    That is very true. One must live his own life by setting up his own standards. Although, I guess, I don't live by this saying right now, I hope sooner... I'll stop living my life by somebody else's standard.


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