How did I quit smoking?


It was my classic story when I quit smoking and it happen at my early age. I can hardly believe that I tried to smoke and hooked to it for about few months. The lesson I wanted to share here is about making priority and decides quickly.

Did you know that I was sentence to smoke one case of Marlboro Red at age of 5 years old? I was too curious about cigarette and why people become addicted to it. At first I know it was fun and that was the first motivation why I tried. I was caught in the act smoking the left cigar on the ash tray. I don’t know if my father was really mad that day, he bought me a case of Marlboro and ask me to smoke it all in front of him. Of course I can’t resist the smokes of the cigar and that day I hate cigarettes. I don’t hate my father for that punishment but I am more thankful to realized that smoking was not really good for a child like me. Maybe he just wants me to learn that it’s not yet time for me or he just want me to know how bad it is.

That’s not the end. I thought I’ve learned my lesson and here I was 8 years old when I used to try it again, one stick at a time. Did you know the root of the plant aroma? It looks like grass to me but it grows like a tree. It has a leave like sampaloc and  torns on its branch. The stick I am using is the root of that aroma. It is like a cigarette when you light it. I found that root with a different flavor and that flavor got me more of it every day. Every afternoon after classes I went to the beach to get some roots.

One of those days when I was smoking, I don’t really like to spit out and it happens every minutes. My tongue was burn and it’s the reason why I was producing so much saliva. I hate it. Because the root of that aroma doesn’t have filter, the heat of the smoke got directly to my tongue.

How to quit smoking? It’s time to decide now. It is fun or it is become an obsession even it’s not good to our health. I guess it is really hard to quit when you use to live with it. I can’t give enough advice for those who smoke more than a year. My experience was to quit smoking in a few days, maybe a month but not more than a year. I immediately find my dislike about smoking and too stop is my priority. I have fear to what will happen to me if I am going to smoke for 10 years or more. If did not decide quickly, I may fall to a trap being obsess to cigarettes.

Find the things that you don’t want when you smoke and think if you can live with it. Some may realize that they don’t like smoking when it’s too late or to long already that they are already addicted.

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  1. bino
    bino says:

    i like this post. di ako nagyoyosi eh. i tried isang stick then after nun nawalan ako ng voice for 1 week. narealize ko na masama talaga sya for your health. Kudos sa post!

    • dlysen
      dlysen says:

      Maraming salamat sa pag share kung bakit hindi mo naging bisyo ang paninigarilyo. Epektive talaga ang mabilis na desisyon kung ayaw mo masira ng usok ng sigarilyo ang kalusugan. Maraming salamat po ulit.

  2. Mouh
    Mouh says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. It is really shocking to know that you started smoking at that early age. But it is good to learn your lessons for an early age. 🙂 Glad you don’t smoke now. 🙂



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