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I am thinking of good conditions because as of this moment I don’t feel good. I have a high fever for two days now and my daily habit of doing SEO is affected. I am also in developing new shopping cart project and my programming logic slow down because of this sickness. I am also having a diarrhea but this will not stop me from doing SEO.

My SEO Habit

  1. I search the keywords on Google and open the link of my website. This is to check if my website is on the first page with the keywords.
  2. I visit my Google analytics to check the traffic, keywords and locations of the visitors. I am happy to see when my statistics improved from the yesterday and be aware of my stats.
  3. Study the Google Webmasters tools and check the keywords that are bringing traffic to my site. Then I use those keywords to my new article.
  4. I am also using the Google Adwords Keywords tools. This tool will help you to determine the volume of the keyword search and the competition. This will give you the advantage to know which keywords are bringing traffic to your website. You can see the keywords with high, medium, and low competitions as well as the volume of searches.
  5. After I make a blog and published my post article I search on the same keywords again on the search engine and try to blog commenting. If my title keyword here is “High Fever SEO” then I look for the other blog that talk about that topic and exchange conversations.

My website did Page Rank 3 easily.

Dlysen.com was previously at PR4 and it was reduce back to PR2. This month of June 2012 it is currently at PR3.  The link back url to your website give big impact to gain PR and the containing keywords of your link. This is just my analysis and I don’t have clear evidence that my presumption is correct.

Link building can easily be done in Tumblr because of the reblog features. Reblog features on Tumblr can carry over your link virally. Your post image or article can be reblog 100 times or more in one day and so on. I can also recommend Posterous and Pinterest.

I am building unique keywords that I only have. You may not find the words dlysen in dictionary but you can search it on Google. I agree that this keyword is lucky if someone search it. What I want you to notice is I don’t have any competitions with dlysen keyword. It’s my name and I can freely add a natural link back url when I do blog commenting. It is not really obvious that you’re doing link building.

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