Grace Baque and Dlysen

Happy Women’s Day to Grace


For the strongest woman I ever met in my life.  The one who fills up the emptiness inside me. She is my Grace and the first person whom introduced me to the kind of love I will live for. I loved her and I will be loving her every day in my life. Happy Women’s Day.

Grace Baque

Happy Women’s Day.

I know you for being weak and strong women because I’ve been with you. Knowing you for such a year now make me believe that you are amazing Grace. I am so proud and happy to know about you more each day. Knowing your great improvement makes me feel inspired too.

You’re the women in my life that I wanted to be with because I can feel that you are the abundance source of my happiness. I want to be the first one to make you smile and greet you good morning. I want to comfort and take care of you until we fall asleep. A life being with you is so great.

You have my love that I kept inside me. Now my love is yours, please help this love of mine understand how I can love you at your best and even at your worst. My heart is not a kind of glass that you can break, my heart is made of flesh and blood that can express real emotions.

I wanted to say more about how good you are to me and how much I love you. Please take care always.

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