Grasshopper and blog-hopper related to SEO


I don’t want to compare the blogger to a grasshopper but I want you to notice what life of a grasshopper can be applied in SEO. They are not similar as it is but what grasshopper does can be related with what bloghopper does. While grasshopper visit grasses, leafs and branches, the blogger visit websites and browse the internet.

When the grasshopper colony attack the crops, they suck all and mess up your harvest while the juice of your PageRank will be suck empty when you allow the blogger place do follow link in your page.

Blog-hopper like me is a natural link builder. Putting my link on the box is just a bridge to reach me when you can are curious to know about me. It is because I am real human who contribute to the topic. I also ask something that I don’t understand and share my thoughts about it.
We are using pesticide to protect our crops from the insect. We use nofollow for the link rel attribute to prevent other website juicing out the PageRank of your blog.

Dofollow Link Vs Nofollow Link

The bot and crawler will check the link attribute if it is dofollow and nofollow. It means that these two are important in SEO. A link is default to be a dofollow, then you have to add nofollow if you want search engine crawler to ignore it.

<!-- default link or dofollow link ! inform the crawler that this link is important !-->
<a href="url"> text </a><a> or </a><a href="url" rel="dofollow"> text </a>
<!-- a follow link inform the crawler that this is not important !-->
<a href="url" rel="nofollow"> text </a>

Adding nofollow will inform the crawler to stop checking on this link because it isn’t important. The default link or a dofollow link will inform the crawler that this link is important. The keywords or the text on the link will be checked by the crawler if it is related. The PageRank of your pages will increase having such many incoming dofollow link and decrease when you have many outgoing dofollow link.

Learning about dofollow and nofollow link attribute is one area of on-page optimization. The on-page optimization will help the search engine understand or craw the information in your page quickly.

What did you learn?

  • You can learn or relate something with animals.
  • You can maintain the PageRank when you avoid outbound-dofollow-link.
  • If there is on-page seo, ther is off-page seo. And these two will help you on SEO
  • The PageRank will increase when you have lots of incoming dofollow link from other websites.

You can make a difference.

You can get ideas from others to make you understand and solve your problems. Just like the grasshopper life and the bloghopper has something related to SEO.

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  1. dlysen
    dlysen says:

    Hi Nadine Camille, Thanks for visiting and I saw your blog theme it is so nice. Getting or gaining PageRank is one way to enjoy blogging.

  2. hitokirihoshi
    hitokirihoshi says:

    hmmm nawala na rin sa akin itong link juice. pero every blogger na nagko-comment sa akin. ang una kong pinapansin kung legit at safe ang site. minsan na kasi ako nbiktima na may nag-comment sa akin tapos yung site nya may virus. napasok yung site ko dahil lang dun.

    • dlysen
      dlysen says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience, I love having comment even if it out of the topic as long as I feel it talking to me. yes we need to be careful and always check if the site your are visiting is likely an attack site.


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