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There are reasons why the sun keeps on shining and not giving up on us. Like the sun, we must have the reason why we should wake up and do something. I am sharing you the short situation about goals, commitment and why we must have a deep reasons. Because reasons can power up your goals and commitment.

The rich man is giving his $10 Million to you. Both of you counted the money and smells it for the purpose of making a sense that it is already yours. The rich man said that you must dig a 10ft deep whole and bury this money at night while no one are watching, so that your the only one knows about the opportunity to get it when morning comes. No one knows that you are digging for the money of the rich man to be yours with that kind of conditions. When you are ready to start digging the money, you must not stop until you get it or else the money will just be given to others.

Your commitment is don't stop until you get it.

Your goal now is to get that money and your commitment is don't stop until you get it.

The morning comes and you have to start digging the money. The crowd started to notice what are you doing and they are asking what are you doing? Of course you might answer “I am digging my money” because you know that there is money ten feet below the ground. They will laugh but you will ignore them because you have a goal and commitment to get it. And the rain start falling and you can get sick from the rain but you must finished  digging because of your commitment.

And now after the hard work! you get your goals. You feel happy and tiredness is no room for you now because you get what you want to get.

Goals give vision and direction and commitment give energy to accomplished things, but sometimes it is not enough to rely on the two, it often fail when there is no reasons involve.

Reason can change everything. What if another man offers you the same amount just to stop what you have started or stop what your are doing. What will you do if you can instantly get the $10 Million goals? What happens now to your commitment? It is gone, changed and ends. You can still ignore that opportunity and continue what you’ve started if you have the reason why.

To make a strong goals and commitment you have to have a deep reason in order to accomplish the things that you want. $10 Million is just money that you can get and have in many ways but a reason will only comes within your decision making.

This time lets substitute the money with your love one, Isn’t that heavier than $10 Millions. Your love one is buried ten feet below the ground and you must get within an hour or else he or she will die. Then in the middle of what you are doing I will make $20 Million offer double than before. Will you stop and let your love one die? Even if the rich man did not offer the same value or same things.

When your reason is enough to perform your goals and commitment, it becomes strong and unfailing.

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    • Dangal
      Dangal says:

      For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. 1 Timothy 6:10
      God created money in kind like gold since it is the form use to buy or trade early days. Our attitude towards money can turn us either good or evil. We become bad by being greedy and good on giving or sharing.


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