Give Myself a Break


Do you have times for yourself? Yes, treat your self as if you are the king. Recharge yourself with a good break. Life is continues and never ending process; you will end up nowhere when you are just like going where the wind blows. What I mean is that you have a choice where you want to go just give yourself a break and think what can be accomplished by doing something new.

You need a little break to control your emotions.

It is very helpful and important to give yourself a break when you cannot control your emotions. To think positive while you are angry is very difficult but you have to hold your emotions first and think good. Taking a deep breath can give signal to your brain to think wise and be very positive before you take actions. You really need a break to control your emotions.

Too much love is also dangerous when you are not aware that your relationship is unfair. Give yourself a break to check if you can still give your trust, love and commitment in your relationship. It is applied to a friend, and any relationship you have with people.

Stand up! Its time to show your guts, do not entertain your fear and give your self a break. Doubt and fear exist in the world without trying. When you are longing find some answer, take some courage, give yourself a break and make a difference.

How shall we expect charity towards others, when we are uncharitable to ourselves? – Sir Thomas Browne.

Reaching too far can cause you to lose your grip.

What did you learn?

Check your direction and take a look to see where you are. Give yourself a break you can do this and definitely make a difference.

You can make a difference.

You have to take control of your life, there is nothing wrong in giving yourself a break when it can change you for something better.

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