Get Gorgeous Hair Now – useful tips from Shuji Kida


Top 3 things you need to know before getting a haircut.

Study your bone structure. For example, Asian usually has round faces with soft features and this should be complemented with soft lines. A haircut that gives harsh line on the face only works on Caucasian features. The same goes for color: choose soft browns like chestnut and put in highlights to brighten up your face.

Don’t go to the salon empty-handed and explain to the hairdresser the cut or style you want – he’ll just get it all wrong. Bring a photo so he’ll get a better “picture“ of what you want.

The biggest problem with girls is that we care too much about what other people say. We base our haircut on what others might think about or hair (our friends or boyfriends for example). Shuji says you have to know what style you want and work toward your ideal haircut, regardless of other people’s opinions.

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