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Get Enough Rest


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Having enough rest is very important to health. You need to rest when you get tired. We have to be conscious in our activities. Enjoying things you do will give you more energy but don’t neglect to make a good rest.

I had experienced to work over 48 hours only with only an hour of power nap. I have to finish my work on due time and I need to work very efficient. Sometimes I beat the deadline and ask for extension if I cannot make it. I don’t want to give more time to my work because it is not a good practice, what I mean is I have to finished it as soon as possible in very efficient manner so you can take your rest early.

Abusing body out of rest is very bad healthy habit. Rest must be into your time management. Don’t worry about having a work deadline because you can plan it without affecting your rest. If you know your schedule very well, you can have a time rest or finished your work on or before deadline.

Where do I rest?

I look for a comfortable place to rest where my body is fit to relax. Find a place with pleasant surroundings. Noise can destruct your resting too. I find time to rest on vacation at least once a month. I don’t recommend expensive vacation when the budget is out.

Rest Tips

Schedule time to rest. – If you don’t have rest schedule, someday you will pay for it when you get sick. It is better get rest in tiring condition and get relieve than confine on the clinic or hospital for treatment. It is very important to take your rest on time.

Get at least 4 - 8 hours of rest. – Like a machine it needs maintenance, time to operate and time to check its conditions. Machines need rest to maintain its functions. Our body should take enough rest to maintain good conditions.

Eat the right food. – The food we eat contributes to give more energy while we rest. Don’t eat too much if you were going to sleep. I recommend fruits that easy to digest.

Avoid too much rest. – Our body needs activity. Our body needs to be in actions to maintain its ability.

Learn to meditate. – Meditation can improve you rest. It is one of the best kind of relaxation.

The morning is wiser than the evening. - Russian Proverb

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