GeoCities is my first free online hosting site where I learn to publish my first index html file. It was 1998 since I start to learn html code. I’m on my 4th year high school when I explore the Internet and that is how I start living a life with the internet.

Thanks to GeoCities that gives the opportunity to share my ideas to the world. I create my profile, and write about myself and more. GeoCities open my interest to learn more about web programming language like html and css.

I start making a website tribute to my High School Batch where I put all the names of my batch mate by section. I lost that file when my desktop computer hard disk failed. It’s too bad that I miss to upload the files before it happen.

GeoCities Closing

GeoCities decide to focus on helping customers to explore and build relationships online in other ways.
On October 26, 2009, GeoCities will be no longer be able to use free presence online. They offered other services designed to help you connect with friends and families and share your activities and interests.

They are now recommending award-winning Web Hosting services, which works a lot like GeoCities but include new site building tools, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, personalized domain name and matching email, premium customer support, and more.

They advice to upgrade your account after October 26, 2009 to start with new Service Offer.