Friends' Love at all times – Proverbs 17:17

Do you really love your friend? If not, you will lose a friend and it will be more difficult to have them back again or you just have to find another friend. Someone asked me that should I forgive a friend even if they keep doing wrong to you. “Yes” I said that even if that person is not your friend you should forgive them. There is nothing wrong with forgiving friends or stranger. Forgiving is the love you can share the way how our Loving God forgive His chosen children.

How can you make a friend if you don’t love them or not loving them constantly? When the bible says “Friends Love at all times” it must be always, forever, and never ending. We must learn to love the person even if they are strangers. Make them feel that you’re kind enough to be a friends. Everybody needs to be love. Your friend is more than enough to become source of you happiness, triumph, and blessing in this world. Because true friends love at all times.