Focus Journal 2016 by ilovebdj

Focus Journal 2016


Thank you for this journal, the kind of gift that I can touch and hold as your hand. This will help me improve my goals and plan. I can always remember Grace when I am opening and filling up the page each day.

Before end of this year 2015, I am filling up my commitment on this journal, so help me God. Let’s welcome the year 2016 claiming for the blessing that we are asking for. For my dreams or something better dear God, your will be done.

My Vision

What are the three things you value most, no amount of money can replace.

  1. The membership of the Church Of Christ, you can take everything from me but not my life serving the living God.
  2. My heart, you can change my mind for good and for the better; but my heart will always love what I learned to do and love.
  3. My family, my immediate source of happiness when I can find it within myself.

Describe your dream life. What life are you living?

I am dreaming of happy life, all the things I have is enough and my blessing is so much to share.

What skills do you have that you can develop, that the world needs, and would be willing to pay for?

I am a designer and programmer, I use this to help myself and my client to expand their business.

Goals for the Year

Base on your Vision, what do you want to focus on this year? Keep a list of goals so you always have something to go back to when you need a little reminder.

I will become better at:

  • Time management
  • Online Marketing

I will practice:

  • How to reach and greet people
  • I will learn how to communicate with business ethic

I will remember to:

  • Say thanks for what I am thankful
  • Take care of myself and be healthy

I will do my best to:

  • Master my emotion
  • Be efficient on my task

I will not shy out of:

  • My appearance and looks

Before the year ends, I will:

  • Attract more love and blessings.
  • I have enough for myself and I can give more.

My specific goals are:

  • Save the minimum amount of 5,000.00 per month.
  • Perform my daily task.
  • Get new client every month.
  • Give thanks to God.

My Daily Task

  • Pray when I wake up
  • Create Inspiration and make happy thoughts
  • Check Message
  • Drink Water
  • Look on the priority task list and schedules
  • Cook / Buy Food / Eat
  • Take a Bath
  • Do work with passion
  • Be thankful before end of the day
  • Surrender to God.



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