My first photo shoots with Image Boost Photoshoot Production


Kitty arranged this event and luckily I was able to attend and join on their photo shoots last April 8, 2014. Meeting them for the first time makes me feel a little shy as first timer. I hope to remember all the names of the model and photographer; it is nice and fun to meet them all.

 The Photographer

I have not learn how to take a good shoots from my Canon 1100D and I took this opportunity to gain experience of taking a good shoots. It’s nice to meet other photographer who’s giving me tips and advice. Thank you sir Tony, Naz, Mario, and Alex.

The Venue

The Wild life in Quezon City is a good venue for outdoor photo shoots. You can set different background from lake, trees, grass, bridge, and sunsets.

The Photo Shoots Model

I don’t know but it feels like you have to build trust first compare to food photography done on my phone. I am bit confuse on what to do on my shoots it is the first time I am doing this for models that I also meet for the fist time.

The Photo

I see that most photo shoots I did was blurry. Probably 10 out of 100 photos are good. I want to share this because it’s the beginning of my career in photography. Please check some of my photo process image.

The Appreciation

The best result is when you feel like being acknowledged and this is priceless moment. Thank you so much for making me feel good.




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