Father and Daughter along with the Carabao


After the busy days of work in the farm, the father and her daughter are going home before dark. They are traveling with their carabao along the way and they have to pass four towns before they arrive home.

On the first town, the bystanders noticed and said "that father and daughter are fool, they have the carabao to ride in but they are not." The father heard what they are talking and so he asked his daughter to ride at the back of carabao.

On the second town, the bystanders noticed again and said "Look at his daughter, she knows that her father is tired working all day. I wish she consider her father to rest somehow." The daughter heard what they are talking and so she asked her father to ride with her at the back of the carabao.

On the third town, they are both smiling and never expect to hear some talks about them. But the bystanders noticed them again and said "How poor the carabao is abuse that way. It had worked all day and that stupid farmers are still ridding." They heard them both and plan what to do before heading to the next town.

Guest what happen? It’s a big laughing out loud. The father and daughter carry the carabao on their shoulder. The mother said when they see them "You two are failure if you keep listening to those negative people. You don’t have to deal with them and leave them along the way."

What did you learn?

  • Focus on your good start.
  • Don’t let other people drives you what to do.
  • Don’t deal with negative people, avoid them.
  • You will experience obstacle but as long as you keep moving you will reach your destination.
4 replies
  1. Nortehanon
    Nortehanon says:

    Hi dlysen, this is cool. Yeah, sometimes we tend to listen to people around us and unfortunately fails to see reality and the practicality of things. Listening to what other people say can be exhausting.

    • dangal
      dangal says:

      If you already know where you are going and then do it the way you've done it. It is always good to listen when you really don't know. in their case, they already know how to get home.

  2. Henry
    Henry says:

    Just listen to what you think is right and good for you. People will say something depends on what they see, they don't know the reason why things happened that way.


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