If you want to gain 300xp you only need 3000 coins where you plant soybeans in 100 plowed lands and delete it after planting then repeat again and again. It’s up to you how fast you will execute the tricks.

Farm Ville

How to Level up fast in FarmVille?

Xp is requirements to level up the game and were going to check where we can get xp points in a short period of time. This means that where going to level up quickly. First we get xp point by plowing where we get +1 and planting where we get another xp point on the crops. Select the crops that is cheap and greater xp points, in this case we will select the soy beans because we get +2 in planting. The idea is that we don’t have to harvest the soybeans. The trick is to delete the object after planting so that you can repeat the procedure as long as you have enough coins to buy. In the summary, your expenses is only 30 coins, 15 for plowing and 15 for the soybeans, where you gain +3xp points, +1 from plowing and +2xp from planting.

You can try buying and selling like “hay bale tricks” that will cost you 100 coins per 5xp.

FarmVille Quick Level Up Summary

Plowing, Planting, and Deleting will cost 10 coins per xp. Hard work but cheaper and faster.
Hay bale tricks will cost 20 coins per xp. Just buy and sell if you want.