The games mechanics are very similar to each other. We can never skipped to compare which one is better to play. Farm Town lunch first before FarmVille. The new graphics and new taste of FarmVille is one of the great comparisons between the two. The option and the menu is most likely the same including the Items in the inventory.

Market Place

The features I like on Farm Town is the market place or langue that can able you to socialize with the other player. While FarmVille navigation made so easy with a mouse click auto shortcut to the appropriate task. The game is totally the same but it has different approach like an old song revival to a remixed, same lyric with different melody.

Eventually I cannot judge which game application is better because the games are always updating and bringing more fun to the player. Both games will make you addicted to make your goals or achieve level rank.

Farm Town

Farm Town Advantage:

- Mostly played
- Socializing Friends
- Very good in graphic

Farm Town Disadvantage:

- Many unusable items, good deco but useless
- Hard to navigation with the menu


FarmVille Advantage:

- More user friendly interface
- Smooth and fast loading game
- Much easier to play

FarmVille Disadvantage:

- Some don’t a carton like graphic
- It’s hard to socialized with neighbor

If you played these games, I’m sure you can have some comparison to share.