Don’t Forget to Have Fun


Being busy with your work or goal in life is nice and it is very effective when you’re having fun. After all the things that we’ve done, always make sure that you have fun.

If you are suffering from pain or sickness think of H.O.P.E., which mean Holds On Pain Ends. It is fun when you think of cigarette brand call HOPE. You can relate more if you are a smoker. I don’t know if HOPE cigar brand still exists today.

It is hard to have fun in the middle of problem but you can always find crack people that can break the ice and have fun with you. Happy thoughts can solve the problem more effectively.

Allocate time to think happy ending if you feel the event is getting more serious. You must begin by knowing that you had already achieved happiness. Having fun must be always included in your priority list.

Have fun with love but stop it if this could only hurt. It is not really fun if it cause to break some ones heart. Two hearts with mutual feelings can start having fun and this could last for a lifetime. Be in love and have fun.

Sharing happiness is more fun. Having a good food to eat is fun and it is more fun when your family and friend are eating together. Blessing can multiply when you know how to share it and it is more likely the more the merrier.

How easy it is to have fun?

1. Think of it. If you are currently sad then change your thought. You cannot change what is already happen. Declare that you are happy and fun things will follows.

2. Decide that you really want to be happy. Hold on to the process, having fun is just a ride that you need to choose. Your action tells that you are serious and having fun is just a manifestation of decision you made. Decide and take actions and you can feel happy and more fun along the way. Your action is likely the things that you love to do. If you think it is good in your mind then how much more fun of doing it.

3. When you are at the lowest point of your life, cheer up and don’t get depress too much. Only happiness comes next after that. If you feel like you’re at the edge then the only option you have to think now is moving forward. It is more fun when you start to think positively. Step forward again and look for the opportunities. When you reach the edge it is up to you if you want to see the other side. Have more fun.

4. Get yourself in to an adventure. Meet more friends and socialized with them. Forget the world for a while and enjoy your life at the moment.

5. Celebrate your happiness, give thanks and praise God. Have fun because God wants us to be happy when serving and praising Him.

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