You Don’t Deserve My Tears


My heart is no longer mine when I gave it to you. And it is always with you that’s why it hurts so much when you are being dishonest to me and the truth that you are lying to yourself. You can say you love me but you cannot express it. When you don’t let others know about our relationship, it looks like that you are not proud of me in front of them. It is very confusing why it is hard for you to tell something about us. I love you and I will always forgive you, I will understand you but! You don’t deserve my tears anymore…

But we are only friends after all.

I had loved you more to cover up the pain until I can’t hold my breath much longer. I said I love you forever but that time my life is already over.

It is beyond my doubt and have convince myself to embrace and accept every reason you said. You may not perfectly the kind of girl I wanted, but here I am accepted you from the start willing and waiting for you to grow up.

And after all the things you’ve done, I cried so many times. My eyes are crying, my brain is freezing, my heart is burning, and I don’t know where I am. I just see myself crying and shaking. Thank you for all the memories of love and joy we’ve shared. Thank you for I had the best you ever become and those happy moments we’ve been through.

I can be happy loving you, but if you turn away from me, I will tell you again that I will never have to cry because you don’t deserve my tears.

And we were only friends after all.


Tears Of Joy, Tears Of Pain
By Adina Ciment

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  1. jenn
    jenn says:

    awwww 🙁 Don't be sad >.<' grr. I don't know what to say. trolololo. o___O Everything happens for a reason. God has better plans for you. I have love problems too you know. and honestly I think I wanna give up already. It is not because I don't love him anymore it is because i can't handle the pain anymore. o__O


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