Don’t Deal With Problems, Transcend Them


I’m about to share my bad habit during High School days especially during exams. Honestly I cheated on the exam, but what will you do if you got caught? The easiest thing to do is to accept that you cheated. I’m just being honest that I cheat and wait for the punishment. It is what I've done.

Another problem that makes me so hard to move is when I broke up with your sweetheart. It is hard to move when you're attached to someone. I am blind to see the whole picture because I was inside of it and later figure out when I get out. I can see the image more when you’re away and understand what it really means. I have to move on.

Like when you lost a small thing a toy or gadget in your house. You spend your time searching the whole day  and you will find it on the other day when you’re not really looking for it.

When it comes to money… We may not have enough money at the moment. We wonder where to get it and often get frustrated when everybody turns us down. Don’t let yourself turn you down too. It’s the tragic mistake that you can make because it will paralyze us to think, to plan and act. Be happy that you don’t have money today no money can take away from you but today is the day you can make money. If you have nothing, you’re going to have. When you have it, share more often and all what left is a blessing.

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