Develop relationship with people before anything else


Plant good seeds, grow them well so that you can have a good harvest. You have to take care of your relationship first and build a strong bond that will support each other. You can ask for help from strangers but it’s very unpredictable if they will give you a favor if you are asking for a big help. Basically you want to help people who are close to you rather than a stranger. Developing good relationship from the start can build strong relationship and become your reinforcement when you need them.

A good relationship has the components of trust, understanding, appreciation, sharing and love. These things can create a very good and lasting relationship and happiness is easy to get.

Make more friends and know about them by heart.

Always give time for meeting new people and make friends with them. Each of your friend has different set of attitude, know their character and moods to know how to approach them nicely. Try to adjust your conversation in various situations. Their moods will tell you how you can make conversation with them and knowing their character can help you to avoid negative things for them. Recognize and appreciate people by heart and you can earn their trust.

You can create happiness for free, share it.

It is always good to get along with happy people. Laughter is the best medicine so it is another thing that you can share. You can distribute a good medicine from laugh. Laughter can help the lung muscle to get more oxygen and it also ease the pumping of the heart. It can also help to overcome pain and sadness at the moment. You can always remember the people who help you to turn the bad moods in to good moods. Happiness is priceless thing that everybody can share and you have to share your happiness and make a difference.

Show how much you care and they will care for you.

You can apply the Law of Giving. The more you give so shall you received. Every good thing you did for your friend will always be remembered. And most all people are going to pay back if the opportunity comes. There are many wealthy people who can testify the manifestation of the Law of Giving. I can give a few Leaders or Businessman who become wealthy by being generous. Henry Sy, Lucio Tan and Ayala provide more jobs and employment. They can help millions of Pinoy to find a job, and that is why they are blessed. Many of them become loyal and by showing how much you care you can make a difference.

What did you learn?

  • A good relationship is not instant; you have to develop it by heart
  • Rich people are not greedy; They are found to be generously by giving job to millions of people.

You can make a difference.

  • You can choose to be happy and make more friends, it is more fun anyway.
  • If they cannot buy your happiness then you are rich, make a difference by believing it.
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