Don’t get jealous! The how you resist jealousy is how you keep tolerating the pain.

When other people are having things that you wanted then you might jealous. Jealousy can be dangerous when you cannot control it.

We get jealous by love or in a relationship with your partner because you think someone will take it away and we get jealous by materials things because you don’t have the things that other has.

How to get over your jealousy?

Breath the air, I know the feelings of getting nervous and the mixture of bad emotions, just breath the air to survive this. The next step will make you feel better. You have to know why you are being jealous and break it down to understanding. Keep on breathing. Jealousy is really hard to understand while anger and hate will pop up anytime when you can’t understand why. Relax and continue breathing.

You have to visualized good thing to happen but don’t lie to yourself, if it is bad, it is really bad. Be thankful that you can prepare and plan to avoid it.

Good communication can help. Be honest and tell what you feel. Listen and understand on the feedback. Sorry if you get jealous by mistake or intentions, humbly understand and forgive them anyway if you want to get over it.

Trust is the best antidote for jealous but don’t put your trust on that person or materials, instead put your trust on God that what ever may happen you can smile at the end of the day. That person you trust can fail you and those things may never be yours. What you can always have is hope that God will never fail you. Trust God to get over your jealous. You may find your self more loving when you trust God.

When you manage to control you jealous, then it becomes positive energy. It creates harmony in between. You become strong not to lose hope and feel better at the end of the day.