Before the year end, I want to list the goals and dreams that I want to achieve this New Year 2017. Let’s start by having a checklist of the things and activities that I want to accomplish.

Time Management

  • I want to wake up early at 5:00 am to start the day.
  • I’ll check all the task and important things to be done in order of priority.
  • I will never be late.
  • I will always find time to rest to sleep as early as possible, it means that I have to be efficient in my task to make that happen.

Physical Fitness

  • I will eat healthy and more on vegetables.
  • I will drink enough water.
  • I will tone my muscle and invest physical strength.

Emotional and Spiritual Growth

  • I will always find time to meditate and feel the love of God.
  • I will always seek guidance for whatever vision I see.
  • I will master my emotion with the true reflection of my heart.
  • I will protect my faith and belief.
  • I will demonstrate how I love myself, so that I can show that happiness and love can found within yourself.

Financial Independence

  • I will take care of the passive income that I am having and add more resources.
  • I will enhance the relationship and my integrity so that I can be the person who can trust.
  • I will sharpen my financial intelligence by crafting more ideas, plan, and take actions.

Building Relationships

  • I will always find time to meet potential people and make a good connection.
  • I will always humble down and stand-up when I have to.
  • I will always be more than willing to help only if I can.
  • I will always be responsible with my words.
  • I will take care of them and love them.

For my academic performance

  • I will continue to study wise and learn by heart.
  • I will ask help and guidance if I don’t understand the lesson.
  • I will find a team to study with.

Material Things

  • Room Improvement
  • New Car
  • New Desktop PC
  • Macbook Pro
  • Network Access Storage

I will plan and take action on the task that I must do. I love to do things that will help me grow and become successful. One day I can show what I did so I will act now to make it happen.

Happy New Year.