Change what you can. Accept what you can’t


Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Change our self first.

Many people thinks that they are not capable of doing something different, they want to solve problems which is out of their control. We want to change the world as we think, but we forget to change our self first.

Time invites you to move on; those times are not meant for your success because you are not yet prepared. Learn to accept what you cannot do today but you can do it on the right time.

Most people are giving their time to solve the problem that they can’t usually solve. Let the Government Issues be solved by the government. You very are lucky if you are the person who has the voice to influence. Instead try to do something within your control. If you want to increase your income then sell something. Stop complaining and rather find a customer because you can do something by yourself to increase your income. It is easier to sell one product at a time than to convince the government to increase your salary. Selling products at a time is within your control and you can sell more if you want make more money as you can.

Don’t blame the government when the flood and other disasters come to your home while you can move to another place. If you say that it is the only home you can stay then you will live in that place forever. But when you change your thinking to live on a better place and locations then you are now starting to control your life conditions. You will get a new idea how you can leave that kind of place and move to your new ideal home. You may not find the answer now but when you started to think you already starting to move on.

Forming a good habit can help you to make things easy. As you are part of this world, your changes will affect the world too. If you want to make everybody rich and wealthy then make yourself prosperous first. Then you can teach others to do the same. I hope this make sense for all the people who want to change the world by starting to change themselves first.

What did you learn?

  • The world will be change as you change because you are part of the world.
  • You cannot control the calamity but you can do something to prevent it.
  • I can sell something to make an extra income. That makes sense if you want to make more money.

Let’s make a difference.

  • While others are busy blaming others, start being responsible and solve the problem that you can solve.
  • Don’t waste your time solving the problem of the world or government, solve your problem first.


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  1. BON
    BON says:

    ..and better to start doing things rather than complaining.. marami talagang kung sino pa yung mareklamo sila yung walang ginagawa. =)

    nice post! tagos to sa lahat!

  2. hoshi
    hoshi says:

    this is true. there are people who just complain without realizing that in the first place they're doing nothing to change their lives. The worst part is they feel discriminated and they're pulling down others who become successful out of hard work and dedication. insecurity is really not a good trait.

    nice topic!

    • dlysen
      dlysen says:

      Thanks for finding it a good topic. Crab-mentally is not a good habit and traits but it can be correct by knowing what you can do first.


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